Eyebrow Lift with Botox!

By simply raising the eyebrow with Botox, we can create a youthful, natural appearance and erase the years and signs of aging!

Botox for the Corporate Man

Corporate male executives feel the competitive pressure to not only look good, but to project a commanding image of power and mastery. Many men admit that not only does Botox make them look younger, but it creates a stronger, more inscrutable image. Men appreciate that the Botox procedure is virtually painless with no down time. It takes about ten minutes or less to administer Botox and in a few days the signs of stress, anger and age literally vanish. There are some anatomical differences that make the approach to injecting men slightly different than women. Men usually need more Botox to erase vertical frown lines because their facial muscles are much stronger and thicker. In addition to anti-aging, men use Botox to cure excessive sweating of the underarms, face, feet and palms of the hand.

Happiness is looking your best

Just a few words to tell you how pleased I am with the Botox results. You achieved what you showed me you would do. With your good eye and steady hand, you erased the crows feet and arched my eyebrows just so, and I must say you did a superbly even job. - Etty G.
I will be coming to Sara for the next 100 years or until the world runs out of Botox (which-ever comes first!) -Tracey T.
Sara Ribak is the "face messiah!" I have never looked better. -Ilana D.
Since I've been coming to Rx Skin Solutions, my husband says I look  as young as when we first met.  I love it! -Stacey S.
When I leave Rx Skin Solutions, I feel so uplifted! I look younger, vibrant and refreshed. -Mary T.
Rx Skin Solutions is the warmest office I have ever been to, Sara and her staff make me feel completely at ease. -Elaine E.

Sara Ribak honored with Distinguished Award

On Tuesday evening, September 13, 2011, Sara Ribak, President & CEO of Rx Skin Solutions, was recognized and honored for her dedication on behalf of the Advocates for Children and Youth. Sara’s generous support will help build a much-needed state of the art community center on Uniondale, Long Island. “Charitable donations are a direct reflection of my values and perspectives,”notes Sara.

When Sara is not at Rx Skin Solutions enhancing the appearance of women and men with injectables, she can often be found participating in fundraising events for such noteworthy organizations as The Make A Wish Foundation, the Carol M Baldwin Breast Cancer Research Foundation, The Cancer Center for Kids Music Therapy Program at Winthrop University Hospital, the Kidney & Urology Foundation, Dress for Success, and many others.

Hats, authors, and.....Botox

Sara Ribak attended the Fourth Annual Hats and Authors Luncheon at the Fresh Meadow Country Club in Lake Success, NY on June 8. Tommy James of the Shondells was on hand to discuss his new autobiography. And, of course, there was the fabulous vintage and designer hat show! Luncheon proceeds benefited the Kidney & Urology Foundation of America.

On behalf of Rx Skin Solutions, Sara was proud to honor the chair people, Angela Susan Anton and Cynthia Nieditch. recognizing their hard work and effort. Visit the Foundation’s on-line auction at www.kidneyurology.com to bid on gift cards for your next injectable treatment!

News from RX Skin Solutions Celebrity Coordinator!

Numerous celebrities are flying in from around the world to see Sara Ribak, Read more

Rx Skin Solutions joins L'Oreal's Tribute to 100 Years of Beauty

Sara Ribak, CEO of Rx Skin Solutions joined Beatrice Dautresme, CEO of the L'Oreal Corporate Foundation, Aimee Mullins, Athlete, Model and Actress, William J. (Chip) Walter, Author, Journalist, Filmmaker and Former CNN Bureau Chief  and other celebs on Tuesday February 7, 2010 for L'Oreal's Tribute to 100,000 Years of Beauty! Read more