Liquid Facelift - No Surgery.No Downtime.Great Results

Many of my patients are women in their mid-40s, who peer into the mirror and lift up their tired skin only to see a ghost of their former youthful selves. Yet for many reasons, they may not be ready for a traditional surgical facelift. I offer an excellent alternative, the Liquid FaceLift. You can postpone the traditional facelift in favor of remodelling your face using a safe, temporary filler like Radiesse. As we age, our facial skin gets thinner. Collagen levels drop, muscle mass is lost, and bone diminishes. The resulting lack of volume is what makes skin look saggy. With a Liquid Facelift, I can give you back your volume and even create a better looking facial structure than nature gave you. I use Radiesse to build high cheekbones, fabulous profites and razor-sharp jawlines. Results last about three years.

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