The image in your mind's eye should be the one you see in the mirror. But as we age, gravity takes over and we lose skin elasticity and collagen, causing sagging and wrinkling.. Rx Skin Solutions is the leader in providing non-surgical solutions to the aging face. Our anti-aging procedures are performed by a leading expert in the field of aesthetic injectables. Sara Ribak, MSN FNP, is recognized as one of the world's specialists in using Botox Cosmetic, Radiesse, Restylane, Juvederm, Chemical Peels and other non-surgical options to restore youth and beauty. Schedule your complimentary consultation to learn how you can quickly and easily lose the wrinkles in your face and neck, restore lost volume to the face, hands or ears, and smooth imperfections. Peruse our website, view the photographs and learn about the many ways we use injectables to correct, restore and refresh your look.