Upper Lip Lines

One of the features of facial aging that bothers women the most is the development of upper lip lines. Whether they be small fine lines that are at the junction of the skin and upper lip or much deeper lines that extend vertically way up into the skin...women hate them...as they indicate a more aged mouth look and in more severe cases allow lipstick to bleed up into the lines. Many patients think it is due to smoking and chronic sun exposure (and clearly these can make a big contribution) but the reality is...it is a function of how full your lips are and how thick your skin is. As all natural wrinkles form perpendicular to the direction and action of the underlying muscles, vertical lip lines develop from the action of the muscle that purses your mouth around a straw, cigarette, or puckers for that kiss. Botox Cosmetic can weaken the muscle movement, cause less puckering,and diminish the fine lines. The treatment must be done carefully so as not to create an unnatural lip movement with smiling. Therefore, you should trust specialists at Rx Skin Solutions to eliminate your lip lines.