"Just a few words to tell you how pleased I am with the Botox results. You achieved what you showed me you would do. With your good eye and steady  hand, you erased the crows feet and arched my eyebrows just so, and I must say  you did a superbly even job.  So thanks...and see you soon." Retired Female Police Officer, Lives in Roslyn NY
"OMG Sara, I just left the food store and two different people commented on how I look too young to be the mom of my four kids. One woman actually asked if I was the babysitter! Your the best!" Forty-something mother of four, Lives in Long Island NY
"Since I started seeing Sara for Botox and Radiesse, my husband refers to me as his "trophy wife." He says I look like the woman he married 20 years ago. I come to Sara every few months as I love looking like the "trophy" in my husband's eyes." Female Accountant, Lives in Dix Hills, NY
"I am so happy with my results. I love what you did for my face. You are amazing! Thank you, thank you, thank you." Female Attorney, Lives in New York,NY
"Just wanted to thank you again and tell you first of all my face looks great. You're a genius, a master. Thank you so much for the extra time and extra care you take with me. Your patience, kindness and professionalism is the best. I will never let anyone else touch my face but you. I don't care if I'm filming in Africa, I will come to NY for you." Actress, Lives in Los Angeles
"Sara, I don't think you even realize how good you are! In my opinion, you are an artist and no other injector has your skill." Female Medical Doctor, Lives in New York, NY
"Hi Sara. I’m flying in for a day to get my hair done and for my Botox. I need Botox, Juvederm, and maybe a little Radiesse. You never know with my schedule but I’m looking at Tuesday. I am coming specifically for you ONLY so I just want to make sure you will be available." Female Country Singer, Lives in Tennesee
"A few years ago, I started shaving (my face) in the shower. I realize now it's because I didn't want to look at myself in the mirror! Since I've become a patient of Sara's, I shave in front of the mirror again. I stopped looking like an old man. " Male Accountant, Lives in Long lsland NY
"I was always a pretty woman, but at 46 years old, my age was starting to catch up with me. I had very droopy eyelids but definitely was not ready for surgery. The idea of getting Botox was also very scary. Sara was so patient. I had three consultations with her before I decided to get the Botox. Guess what? The results are so terrific. My eyes look beautiful. My fear is gone and, more importantly, so are my droopy eyelids!" Female HomeMaker, Lives in Roslyn NY
"Sara is a highly skilled, extremely patient, an outstanding professional. Sara is also a perfectionist which works wonders for me! You won't find better quality care anywhere! Received via e-mail on August 11, 2010
"Sara is masterful in enhancing her clients youthfulness in a subtle but effective way. I feel confident in her due to her expertise and genuine care that has left me looking younger than most of my friends!" Female Teacher, Lives in Long lsland NY