Volume Conveys Youth!

Forget about wrinkles. It's volume that gives you a more youthful look. A NY Times article just confirmed what Rx Skin Solutions has known, taught and practiced for years. Fill your cheeks and you will look younger. It is not just wrinkles that cause women to look older. It is the loss of facial muscle mass. There's a reason for the expression "baby face". Round plump cheeks look youthful. Saggy sunken ones look old. Young faces conform to the "triangle of youth" (the widest part of the face runs from cheek to cheek, then narrows to the chin). But as we age, the cheeks deflate, fat pads thin and excess skin falls toward the jawline. It is the aging dilemma.  We want to stay in shape so we exercise and diet.  But often, the younger our body looks, the older our face looks!  Fortunately, at Rx Skin Solutions we have perfected the cheek fullness procedure using Radiesse.   Radiesse is a safe, easy way to restore the definition of your cheeks and ideal for adding volume. And because the cheeks are not a high movement area, fillers can last up to one year. Injecting Radiesse in the cheeks provides definition and plumpness and is the surest way to achieve a youthful look. With injectables, your result depends largely on the skill of your practitioner. At Rx Skin Solutions, your treatment is administered personally by Sara Ribak, MSN FNP. Sara has worked with injectables for over ten years. Her artistic eye, skill and expertise will bring you the finest results. Women 40 years and older are touting the youth-enhancing benefits of adding Radiesse to their cheeks.  As one client put it after she looked in the mirror, “Sara, I think I’ll keep you!”

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About Sara
Sara Ribak, MSN FNP, is the owner/president of Rx Skin Solutions. Sara is dedicated to helping her cients enhance their natural beauty and youth. Her expertise lies in both her artistic eye and her skilled application of Botox, Radiesse, and other non-invasive facial enhancements. Sara focuses exclusively on injectables, and is a leader in the field.

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