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Longer Eyelashes with Latisse

Latisse, a solution that you apply daily to your eyelashes works wonderfully to lengthen lashes. Results are seen after... 

Fifty and Fabulous

"What’s happening? Who is that foxy lady in the mirror? It can't possibly be me!” Tell-tale signs of aging definitely... 

Your hands may be giving away your age!

It is the plight of women that the thinner and fitter they are, the more veiny and wrinkled their hands will look.   Luckily,... 

Volume Conveys Youth!

Forget about wrinkles. It's volume that gives you a more youthful look. A NY Times article just confirmed what Rx Skin Solutions... 

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Beautiful Lips

Lips – they denote beauty, health and sensuality. They can be the most memorable feature on your face; and luckily, if nature has failed to create the lips you want, science can. Lip enhancement is a clear measure of an injector’s skill. An expert simply enhances the natural beauty you already possess. Augmentation should be subtle, as a small increase often goes a long way to create a genuine, sexy fullness. During your consultation, I will talk with you about your goals and how to achieve them. You might want more body in your lips, or maybe a more defined lip line. We can study faces considered traditionally beautiful (you will notice that most upper lips are smaller than lower lips by about 30%). The technique I use is based on the final outcome you desire. I recommend a “Hyalauronic- Based filler”, such as Restylane, Perlane or Juvederm. Duration of results vary. First-timers should expect results to last for six to eight months. I find that patients who are getting their third or fourth treatment get significantly more duration than patients who are just beginning. Their results can last up to about one year. Looking to enhance your lips? Please call my office and I will be happy to discuss your options!

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