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Your Neck can Give Away Your Age!

Most women are diligent about taking care of their faces, but sometimes we neglect the neck. Neck lines and wrinkles clearly... 

Beautiful Lips

Lips – they denote beauty, health and sensuality. They can be the most memorable feature on your face; and if nature has... 

Longer Eyelashes with Latisse

Who doesn't want long, fluttery eyelashes? Latisse works wonderfully to lengthen lashes. Results are seen after about a... 

Fifty and Fabulous

Tell-tale signs of aging definitely show in the eyes. Plastic Surgeons promote “the knife” as the only answer to younger... 

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Botox for the Corporate Man

Corporate male executives feel the competitive pressure to not only look good, but to project a commanding image of power and mastery. Many men admit that not only does Botox make them look younger, but it creates a stronger, more inscrutable image. Men appreciate that the Botox procedure is virtually painless with no down time. It takes about ten minutes or less to administer Botox and in a few days the signs of stress, anger and age literally vanish. There are some anatomical differences that make the approach to injecting men slightly different than women. Men usually need more Botox to erase vertical frown lines because their facial muscles are much stronger and thicker. In addition to anti-aging, men use Botox to cure excessive sweating of the underarms, face, feet and palms of the hand.

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